About Me…

Hi, I’m Catherine! Welcome to my blog!

SAMSUNG CSCI am a University graduate from the Toronto area and I have started this blog as a space to share the things that I love, as well as document my experiences post college. I’m currently in that strange zone after graduating where it’s time to enter the real world, and for the first time ever I’m not sure what’s next. But perhaps you’d like to join me on the journey.

I am your typical girly-girl when it comes to many of my interests. I love everything to do with beauty, and it’s a little embarrassing how attracted I am to pink sparkly things – but that’s only one side of the equation. I also love health, science, and fitness; I have been weight training for a couple of years now and will never look back. I am proud to be that girl at the gym with the neon pink manicure, matching pink pants, squatting more than some of the boys do.

Underneath all of that I’m just an introverted homebody, and long time lurker of the Internet with a bit of an obsession with YouTube.

I hope this blog is a place where you feel you are connecting with a friend. A place you feel you can relate to. And a place where you feel inspired to live confidently and proud of who you are while chasing your goals.

Thanks for stopping by!




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