REVIEW | MAC Dainty Mineralize Blush

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Ah, I love blush – I think it completes a look. I think I cringe a little when I see people wearing foundation alone without any dimension. Mind you, that is rare these days with the heavy level of contouring and blinding highlights…. I think I’m just thinking of my high-school days where matte and monotone was all the rage with your face.

I myself have always used blush, but I used to have this fear of anything but matte face products. I wanted to rid any shine on my skin and felt that any sort of glitter, shimmer, or gloss just enhanced my imperfections and added to my oiliness. But boy was missing out! After slowly transitioning to some bronzers with mild shimmer, I realized I loved the way my skin looked with some sheen in the right places, that was when I fell for the glowy and dewy look.

This was when I went on the hunt for a great blush for the perfect glow. I wanted a true pink that would work for all seasons and my varying level of tan. That’s when I purchased MAC’s mineralize blush in the shade “Dainty”.

This blush retails for US $27.00 (CA $32.00) and is 3.2 g / 0.12 oz. This is more expensive than their regular non-mineralize blushes, but I really enjoy the level of shimmer that the mineralize products offer. “Dainty” is described by MAC as a light yellow pink with gold pearl and is a blush that builds lightly without heavy coverage. 

This blush is great and has become my everyday blush, and when I think I should change it up and go for something else, I still end up with this one on! It is a beautiful shade of pink that I think would look like a natural flush on just about every skin tone. It looks a little more like a bubblegum pink in the pan than it does on skin, though it is definitely buildable if you do want a more intense pink. It is described as a yellow pink with gold, and though there is gold shimmer, it is not overwhelming. I think it would still look great on cooler skin tones. What I like best about this blush is that it is shimmery but it is not glittery. It provides glowing skin without any chunks of overwhelming glitter, therefore it is quite natural. It is longwearing and still looks great by the time I am removing my makeup at night, if anything it looks better as it blends with the oils on my skin throughout the day.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this blush and it is currently one of favourites!