Low Carb Pancakes For One | Banana Chocolate Chip

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I’m not at all against carbs, I love carbs and eat a lot of them! But I do like to experiment with cooking and see what adjustments I can make in case I am looking to eat less carbs or just save them up for a different meal.

Here are some lower carb  pancakes for one that you can make for breakfast or any other meal, let’s be real breakfast foods are always a good idea. I would say healthy, but I loaded these with chocolate chips – you could always add something else instead like blueberries.

These are super easy and quick, I will mention however that these are not your typical pancake texture. They have a more eggy omelette type texture, but I enjoy it because it still satisfies my taste for pancakes without the large load of carbohydrates.


All you will need is some baking powder, flour (choose your preferred type), 2 eggs, and one ripe banana.


I mashed my banana with a fork, added my two eggs, baking powder, and flour and just whisked it all together.


I poured the batter into my medium-high heat non stick fry pan (with oil in it), and sprinkled on my mini chocolate chips. After about a minute I checked to see how dark the bottom was and flipped it if I was happy with the colour. They are a little less easy to flip than normal pancakes as the batter is more runny and mostly egg and banana.


The recipe makes 4 good sized pancakes, I personally like to top mine with a drizzle of melted peanut butter.


Hope you enjoy!



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